QA Testing

QA Testing

Your company's Web Application/ App serves as its public face and, many work as a money stream gateway. Testing professionals at Techreneur will take care of all aspects of testing your functional and non-functional needs, giving you the peace of mind that your website/ App is free from any serious flaws and capable of handling the anticipated traffic flow.

We make sure that any IT platform/Web App we build works flawlessly without any technical bugs. We test everything we develop before deploying it to the server

Perks of Our QA/Testing Services:

-> Improve End User’s Experience
-> Testing on real devices & real scenarios
-> Lab testing of each website/App
-> Enhanced Usability testing of developed platforms
-> Security & Penetration testing to avoid any intruder

Our quality assurance services will assist you in obtaining solid control over your product's life cycle, monitoring each development phase, and providing you with precise product quality data.

Our QA professionals at Techreneur ensure efficient quality tools implementation during product development. We provide a full range of software quality assurance services.

You use reliable, trouble-free software that matches your needs and helps you achieve your goals related to QA/testing. Techreneur will make sure that your developed website/app is free from any kind of bugs. It runs smoothly on any available platforms.

Our QA Services Includes:

Performance Testing:
Techreneur offer high end performance testing services for their clients. Our structural performance testing procedure includes load testing & stress testing for the developed mobile app / web applications.

Functional Testing:
The QA professionals at Techreneur use Waterfall or Agile testing procedures as a part of their functional testing. During this, we perform verification and validation of the developed product on all major platforms and devices.

Compatibility Testing:
It’s always essential to develop a Website/ App that is effectively compatible on any modern-day platforms and devices. We at Techreneur test each mobile app/ website we develop on all major platforms and operating systems. (Android & iOS).

Cyber Security Testing:
We use penetration testing, vulnerability scanning and ethical hacking to check & maintain high end security standards of any developed website/ App.